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Collaborate With Us?

Do you love our products so much that you want to shout it out to every parent you know? 

Then you are just what we are looking for! But before we hug and sing kumbaya lets make sure we're really on the same page and understand what it means to be a Brand Ambassador (or at least know what we're looking for).

So lets define this, a Brand Ambassador is any individual that has a formal relationship with a brand as a representative and advocate. An important distinction to make between a Brand Ambassador and an Influencer is that a Brand Ambassador loves the product, uses the product, advocates for it organically and gets rewarded for such advocacy. This is not always true of an influencer. Influencers represent the brand because they are being paid to endorse it. For example: Jenny Bloggs from Timbuktu becomes an ambassador of her favourite body moisturiser cream because ‘she really loves it and thinks that it is the best product’, not because she has been paid to promote it to her large social following. This is not to say influencers are always inauthentic, some influencers may be genuine users of the product, but there have been many widely reported examples of this not being the case.  


So who typically do we collaborate with?

We love and appreciate everyone that genuinely loves our products and appreciate the kind words and wonderful feedback we get from so many of our customers that many of them end up becoming ambassadors for many of our products simply by word of mouth and through their wonderful social media sharing efforts.


How do we reward you?  

We like to be upfront about how we give back the love, just so there's no misunderstanding.    

Here's how it works:  

  • We give you product(s) free to use personally for you and your baby. 
  • We give you a personalised brand ambassador discount code (15% discount) for you to use personally and to share with your followers, coz we're all about sharing the love.
  • Depending on how things go (and how good the relationship goes), we will offer you more 'free' products. 

 You also have the option to be a part of our referral program.

Love is a two-way street! Here's what we ask of you:

  • We expect that you will post on your Instagram account at least once a week - this can be in the form of posting on your feed or a story post. It can be a product review, or a product mention and/or tag - here's where you get to be creative - you don't need to do a product review for every post you do, we prefer you to be true and authentic, a simple tag or mention is perfect enough for us, as long as it's visible to your followers.
  • Beautiful, high quality photos - this can be in the style of lifestyle photos or styled product photos or flatlays. Please don't feel the need to filter your images too much, we love real life images that show your little one/s and the product in great lighting.
  • Videos featuring our products. We don't need you to create cinematic masterpieces, but how-to use products, favourite features, and of course your gorgeous little one loving their product/s are what we love to see!

    There's also a couple of little things we need you to consider on our terms & conditions (it sounds so official, but it's really just to set out expectations on both sides - our terms are pretty flexible and totally negotiable). Read on and we'll tell you how you can get your hands on our t&c.


    Still Interested?

    If you're still reading and really keen to become one of our Baby Loves Sleep Brand Ambassadors, then we would love to have you join our Mama Tribe!  

    Please send us an email at hello@babylovessleepco.com

    In your email, simply answer the following questions:

    1. Tell us why you'd like to become a Baby Loves Sleep Brand Ambassador.
    2. Which product(s) you love most and how you intend to promote the product(s).
    3. What is your Instagram handle (account name), so we can check you out :)


    Expected response time from us

    We will review your answers and get back to you as soon as we possibly can.  If you are a great fit, we will send you our terms & conditions for you to review further and ask questions.

    Please note: we receive many requests to become a Brand Ambassador. We sometimes receive more requests than we can possibly handle.

    So we thank you in advance for your patience, we will do our very best to get back to you as soon we can.

    Thanks for your interest.

    Ana & Malou