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X HANDS IN & OUT - Neon Rain Clouds (All Year Round)

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The Hands In & Out has all the features of the original Sleepy Hugs sleepsack that babies and their parents love, including a full-body zip with top zipper cover, long bottom zipper for simple nappy changes and a roomy, hip-friendly design that easily accommodates a hip-dysplasia brace.  It is also made from soft, breathable cotton to keep your baby warm and comfortable throughout the night.

The key feature of the Hands In & Out sleepsack is the addition of clever foldover cuffs that can be open to allow your baby to self-soothe before sleep or they can be folded over and fully enclosing your child’s hands within the suit, warm and cosy throughout the night.  

NOTE: If your baby is still experiencing strong startle reflex, we recommend you choose the Sleepy Hugs original.

The Hands In & Out is available in two sizes. Please check the size guide below to help you choose the correct size for your baby.

  • NOTE: the below measurements does not include baby's head.

    • Medium (6-12 months) - suitable for babies aged from 6 months onwards, weighing 8-10 kg. The length of the sleepsack is approx. 75cm.

     Large (12+ months) - suitable for babies 12 months and beyond, weighing over 10 kg. The length of the sleepsack is approx. 86cm and is for babies that are ready to move on to having their hands outside the swaddle suit.

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