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August 27, 2019 3 min read

Have you seen our latest collection? This one is just special!

A design collaboration with an amazing artist from New York.
Introducing Matthew Langille, Dad, Hubby and graphic artist/designer.  Matthew has designed for many brands including Swatch, Marc Jacobs, Havaiianas and so many other well known brands.  

Matthew Langille x Swatch Times Square


I was approached by Matthew in 2018 to do a collaboration, and of course when an opportunity like this knocks on your door, you damn well let it in!
Finally, our Matthew Langille designs are now available online and to celebrate this collaboration, I thought it would be amazing for you to get to know the guy behind the designs, so I did a little interview with Matthew - and really I wanted to find out why he chose to work with Baby Loves Sleep :D  

I asked Matthew a bunch of fun and a few serious questions, here you go!

A bit about your personality:

BLS: If you were a colour in a box of crayons, what color would you be?

ML: Dandelion. It’s such a bright and deep color. It’s happy and has soul.


BLS: What’s your favorite ‘90s jam music that gets your creative juices flowing?

ML: Hard one! Biggie Smalls for sure. But I love all music.


BLS: If you got to be a Marvel character for a day, who would you pick? And why?

ML: Ironman. He’s got some cool stuff and a nice pad haha.


Who do you like working with:

BLS: What attracts you to want to collaborate with a new client?

ML: I love working in general. I live for seeing my artwork on different products. It’s what makes me happy. Nothing makes me happier than seeing my son dressed in something I made or my wife or mother. To this day my father still wears Matthew Langille jeans I designed years ago.

BLS: What was it about Baby Loves Sleep that excited you?

ML: I’ve seen a lot of kids and baby products. BLS was different. Unique. It caught my eye right away. I like to think I have my finger on the pulse of the industry and love meeting brands who make amazing products.

Your journey:

BLS: Thinking about where you are now in terms of your successful achievements, what made you choose to go down the path less travelled?

ML: I’m dealing with this all the time haha. Being an artist is a road travelled quite a lot. Being successful at it is kind of like being able to keep walking the path. To be able to do what I love and also make a living. I can’t think of anything better. However it’s not easy and there are always constant bumps in the road. I’m still walking the path. Hopefully one day I get to the end of it and can rest easy. 
What has been your most challenging time and how did you get past it? Being a freelance artist with no outside help like an agent etc makes my job multifaceted. Which I love and hate. I have to be my own salesman, marketing team and creative team. I think my job is constantly challenging to be honest. It’s a fight to survive and do what I love. 

BLS: Any advice for a budding and aspiring designer? Don’t do it. haha. Totally kidding….. but I don’t need more competition. haha. I love helping new designers. I welcome any and all to email me anytime. It’s a tough business and there is a lot to learn. You have to dive in and keep going.


Dad Life:

BLS: What’s your most favorite thing about being a Dad?

ML: The LOVE. MY love for my son William (seven) is unmeasured. I’ve been able to be the work at home parent while my wife Karen works as an Art Director in an advertising firm. It’s amazing to be able to bond with him. I’m lucky guy. William is the best!

BLS: If you had one parenting tip to help new parents cope with everyday life, what would that be?

ML: Don’t become a parent only. Don’t forget who you were before you had kids. And being a parent comes naturally. One day at a time. It’s organic and just enjoy.

Say something about this:

BLS: A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is here?

ML: Cinco de Mayo for a frozen margarita.



  • Favourite movie snack: Raisenets
  • Guilty pleasure: Thrillers and Horror Movies
  • Morning person or night owl: A bit of each.
  • Favorite vacation destination: St. John US Virgin Islands
  • Top of your bucket list vacation: Tokyo
  • Favorite fun thing to do with your son: cuddle
  • Favorite color: Red
  • What you can’t live without: Seltzer
  • Motto: One day at a time