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February 11, 2021 2 min read

The popularity of aromatherapy has grown over the years, and the use of essential oils for a range of wellness, preventative, emotional, and physiological reasons is at an all-time high as people all across the globe embrace it's many therapeutic benefits. 

Essential oils are the life force of flowers and plants. They are sourced from naturally occurring compounds found not only in leaves and petals, but also the seeds, barks, stem, and roots of plants of every botanical species and origin from every country around the globe.

All Lively Living essential oils are sourced direct from farms and plantations in their respective countries of origin, and purchased directly from the growers themselves where ever possible. Each oil is sourced from one named botanical species, and only one geographical location or origin, and then they are bottled and blended in Australia to ensure the highest standard of quality and purity.

The Lively Living range of essential oils are 100% pure, and certified organic, containing no additives, fillers, or extenders.Being officially certified by theACO, (Australian Certified Organic)*,  gives assurancethat the oils have been sourced from plants that have been grown without the use of agrochemical pesticides, weed killers, synthetic fertiliser, and other chemical and toxic nasties. 

* ACO, is a third party certification organisation that have very strict criteria and standards to be approved and qualify to gain their certification. They are known as the strictest in the world.

The purity obtained from these organic practices, not only delivers essential oils that havemore powerful therapeutic benefit and richer aromatics, but only a few drops are required to unleash their benefits.

The powerful properties contained in each drop of Lively Living certified organic pure essential oil offers a wide range of benefits perfectly suited to today’s fast-paced, environmentally-challenged world. With it's superior quality and powerful aromas – you only need one or two drops to unleash their benefits.

Is your essential oil genuinely pure?
Not everything that is labelled ‘pure’, ”natural’ or ‘órganic’ on the packaging is genuine. In actual fact many essential oils available in the market can be mixed with artificial substances, including chemicals and low quality fillers, and are laced with harmful synthetic fragrances. Unfortunately, there are no FDA controls or regulations when it comes to labelling of essential oils on packaging. 

The ONLY way to know if the quality of the essential oil is genuine, pure and organic is if it is ‘certified organic’ and clearly shows the respective certification.  All Lively Living essential oils carry the ACO certification.

So, are organic essential oils superior to conventional (non-organic) essential oils? We certainly believe so. The purity and overall premium grade of organic oils not only deliver powerful therapeutic benefits and richer, more full-bodied aromatics, they also align with Lively Livings’ values when it comes to organic farming principles, sustainability, and helping you and your family live your best lives.

The Lively Living pure essential oils deliver a world class product that you know is safe and the best choice for you and your families health and the planet too.