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September 23, 2023 3 min read

Toddler years are marked by leaps in developmental growth. From the first time they take a step to full on running, from babbling to single words to entire sentences, these are signs your child is growing.

Here are six things to know about toddlers, that will help you navigate through these topsy turvy times:

1. Toddlers have tons of energy

Toddlers seem to have a never ending supply of energy and it can be challenging to keep up. Play is an important part of your toddler’s physical and emotional development.  Play time is the foundation for learning, so you may want to look up activities that encourage play and help burn off some energy at the same time. 

2. Toddlers throw tantrums

The sooner we learn why tantrums are the fashion trend for your little tot, the sooner we can learn how to deal with it. Tantrums are a way of communicating and dealing with big feelings. Contrary to what other people think, toddlers do not use tantrums to get their way. Our little people haven’t yet developed the skill to control their emotions, let alone the skill of manipulation. The best way to deal with tantrums is by having empathy.  So, the next time your little human throws a tantrum in the supermarket aisle, instead of walking away or showing them that you are angry with their behaviour, try giving them a hug and speak in a voice that tells them you understand what they are going through. Think of a time you had a good cry, did you feel a little better after? – well it’s the same thing for your little one, except it might just take a little longer for them to get through the emotions.  

3. Toddlers love to learn

Toddlers are like little sponges, they soak up the world around them and learn at a surprisingly rapidly rate. It is known that a child’s brain develops the most in the first three years of their life. Take advantage of this window of opportunity by incorporating learning activities in their daily routine.

4. Toddlers are ready for a big-kid bed

There is no set age for when your child should move from a cot to a bed.  However, a good time to start thinking about this is when it is no longer safe for your toddler to be in a cot.  For example, if they can stand in the cot and if the cot rail falls below chest level, or if they are starting to climb over the rails, it is definitely time for a bed.

You may want to consider appropriate sleepwear to keep them sleeping safe. Our Sleepy Toddler sleep suit is perfect for transitioning from a sleep sack to pajamas. Designed as a hybrid sleep sack but with legs and features a front opening zipper for easy diaper changes without taking off the entire suit and very handy for potty training.

5. Toddlers love to help

Did you know that children as early as two years old are capable of performing age-appropriate tasks?  Why yes!  But before you start making that toddler to-do list, try to give them tasks that have an element of learning and it has to be fun of course. Most of all, enjoy this time when your child will happily go along with the fun of helping, without much nagging. 

6. Toddlers need your love and affection

An important milestone for children is to gain the skill of independence. They practice this in the form of wanting to do things themselves (or for you if you are the receiving end of toddler-made wooden snacks).

Even as they grow more independent each day, they still crave your love and affection. They love getting cuddles from you and a simple 'I love you,' is enough to show your little one how much they mean to you.  


Enjoy these toddler years for they go quickly in a blink of an eye, before you know it they are off to school and there goes another milestone.

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