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HANDS IN & OUT EXTRA-WIDE SACK (Hip Dysplasia) - Candy Pink (Summer | Organic)


Those warm summer nights can make it difficult to sleep deeply and wake refreshed and relaxed in the morning - even for your baby!

To help your baby sleep more comfortably on warm nights, we created this 'Cool' range made of a soft, ultra light organic cotton mesh-like fabric to promote air circulation around your baby, keeping their body temperature cool and constant.  

This Extra-Wide Sackversion baby sleeping bag is designed for babies that have been diagnosed with hip dysplasia or Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip (DDH), and are required to wear a special brace (orthosis).

The key difference being a wider bottom sack to comfortably fit a hip dysplasia brace, Pavlik Harness, Denis Browne Brace, Rhino brace, or Spica Cast. 


💤  extra-wide sack to comfortably fit a hip dysplasia brace, pavlik harness, rhino brace, or spica cast
💤  ultra light, soft breathable organic cotton, keeps your baby warm and comfortable, won't cause overheating
💤  allows baby to sleep in their natural sleeping position
💤  gentle transitioning from swaddling to free arms
💤  fold-over cuffs allows hands to come out for play time or for self-soothing and close to keep hands warm inside
💤  two-way zipper: full-body length zip with top zipper cover
💤  bottom opening zipper for easy nappy changes
💤  suitable from 6 months up to 12+ months

NOTE: If your baby is still experiencing strong startle reflex, we recommend you choose the Sleepy Hugs original.

The Hands In & Out sleep sack is available from 6-12 months to 12+ months. 

Please check our SIZE GUIDE to help you choose the correct size for your baby.

For information about what to wear with our 'All Seasons' range see our Guide for Dressing Your Baby for Sleep

  • allows baby to sleep in their natural sleeping position
  • safe for when babies start to roll and can no longer be swaddled
  • gives just the right security to calm the startle reflex
  • allows access to their hands for self-soothing
  • fully enclosed arms helps prevent scratching, great for eczema
  • clever bottom opening zipper for easy diaper changes
  • soft breathable organic cotton, won't cause overheating
  • unique arm design gives just the right security to calm the startle reflex
  • fully enclosed arms helps prevent scratching, great for eczema
  • signature two-way zipper opens from top and also from bottom up for easy diaper changes
  • hip friendly wide sack for healthy hip development
  • sized for newborns up to 12+ months
  • comes with bonus (optional use) 'Extra Hug' belly band/strap

Our sleep sacks will work best when you choose the right size for your baby. If too big, your baby won't get the right security to help them adjust to free arms.

Please check our SIZE GUIDE to help you choose the right size for your baby.


TOG RATED FOR SPRING & AUTUMN | 0.7 TOG - suitable for room temps between 64 - 71ºF.

For more information about our TOG ratings visit our TOG RATING page


Fabric: 93% Organic Cotton, 7% Elastane

We use only high grade premium organic cotton fabrics in all our products. Cotton is a naturally breathable material so babies won't sweat or overheat and suitable for eczema. 

Care Instructions: Cold Machine wash. Keep zipped up in the wash. Wash dark colours separately. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Dry flat. Warm iron inside out. Do not dry clean.

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