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Get Expert Sleep Help

Sometimes we all need a little help and that’s okay!
We have developed some strong connections with the following baby sleep experts and encourage you to make contact with them if you and your baby need some extra support. Make sure you let them know how you found them!


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Sophie Acott, is a Certified Child Sleep Consultant and mother of three, who is passionate about working with families to restore the enjoyment of parenthood through the gift of sleep. Specialising in newborns to three years of age; Sophie advocates a nurturing, compassionate, and organic approach, whilst ensuring you get the results you are after.   

She has written for various publications including Nurture Magazine, is the Blog Manager for the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants, and has featured on International Podcast, ‘Mum’s The Word’.  Sophie shares her wealth of sleep experience and knowledge in her blog on her website, and you can follow her candid journey as a mom of three via her Confessions of a Sleep Consultant; The Jett Diaries blog, where she shares her refreshingly honest and humble experience of all things parenting, motherhood, and sleep since welcoming her third child.

Sophie has recently launched her comprehensive e-book: The Happy Baby Sleep Guide, through which she aims to continue to inspire and help families all over the world on their path to better sleep. 

Originally based in Australia, Sophie now lives in San Diego, CA.

Contact sophie@sleepplaylove.co



Rebecca Michi Sleep Expert

Rebecca Michi is a gentle 'no cry' sleep consultant who believes every child and family is unique and deserves a unique way to help their child get the best sleep they can.

Rebecca has been working successfully with families for over 20 years.

Rebecca gives informative talks and workshops for parents, and those who would like to learn more about children and sleep. She also started her own sleep academy that offers a tailored approach, troubleshooting tips, and constant support.Sign up to the Slumber Academy

Find out more about how Rebecca can help you on the Children's Sleep Consultant website

Contact rebecca@rebeccamichi.com for a chat.


The Restful Nest Sleep Consulting 

Alexandra Bartscht is a certified children’s sleep consultant, working with newborns through school aged children. An elementary school teacher turned sleep consultant, she has combined her passion for the development of children with her deep interest in improving quality of sleep.

The Restful Nest is dedicated to helping parents around the world learn the tools and techniques necessary for their children to develop independent sleep skills in the home, creating a healthy lifestyle for the entire family. 

Alexandra is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, but takes clients worldwide!

Contact Alexandra: 
(734) 277-4279
You can also find The Restful Nest on Facebook & Instagram



Amelia Hunter has more than three years experience helping families with sleep problems and has helped more than 100 families in Spain, The United Kingdom, The United States, South Africa, Doha and Australia.

Amelia uses various methods to help families introduce healthy sleep habits for their babies and children up to 8 years of age.

Amelia trained as an Infant and Child Sleep Consultant in Florida, USA and is currently furthering her studies in Infant Mental Health with the Child Sleep Institute and Department of Psychology of the Hospital of sick children in Toronto, Canada.

Originally from Australia, based in Barcelona, Spain.