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The Clever Newborn Swaddle!

Baby Loves Sleep Koala Hugs swaddle

Baby Loves Sleep Koala Hugs swaddle wrap

We reinvented the traditional square wrap to give newborn babies and their parents the long, deep, restful sleep they need in those crazy early days.
The Koala Hugs wrap cocoons your baby’s arms in hidden pockets to gently calm their startle reflex and prevent tiny hands from escaping the wrap.
Baby Loves Sleep Koala Hugs swaddle wrap
This innovative design is created from soft, breathable cotton by a mum who understands all too well the frustration and helplessness of escaping hands and lost sleep.  Koala Hugs provides the security and comfort your baby craves, giving them the safe and secure womb-like environment they are so accustomed to.
The Koala Hugs makes it simple for anyone, including first-time parents, to wrap a perfectly inescapable wrap for sleep time, making it the essential hospital bag item and the perfect gift for every new parent.  
Watch how the Koala Hugs works!
Remove the guesswork from swaddling your baby and give them - and you - the restful sleep that they need.
If you know a new baby who needs some restful sleep or one who will be arriving soon, please share our website to their parents so they can sleep easy.
We’re thrilled to be able to introduce you to our new baby and look forward to helping your new baby sleep better for longer.


Baby Loves Sleep Koala Hugs swaddle wraps