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HANDS IN & OUT - Peach Pink (Winter | Organic)


Keep your baby toasty warm this winter!

Our award winning Hands In & Out sleep sack now comes as a TOG rated sleep sack.  What is a TOG rating? 

This ‘Warm’ version is designed for the cold winter season and features unique quilting in the signature style of the Sleepy Hugs, with our signature top and bottom opening zippers for easy diaper changes and a roomy, hip-friendly wide-sack design that easily accommodates a hip dysplasia brace.   

Designed for babies who sleep better in a sleep sack that offers unrestricted arm movement yet provides just enough security to combat the startle reflex. Perfect for tummy rollers.

The key feature of the Hands In & Out sleep sack is the fold-over wrist cuffs that can be opened to allow your baby's hands to come out for self-soothing or folded closed to keep tiny hands warm and cozy all night long.

Made from soft breathable 100% GOTS certified organic cotton to keep your baby comfortable throughout the night.


NOTE: If your baby is still experiencing strong startle reflex, we recommend you choose the Sleepy Hugs original.

The Hands In & Out sleep sack is available from 6-12 months to 12+ months.  Please check our size guide to help you choose the correct size for your baby.

Scroll below to check our size guide to help you choose the right size for your baby.

Is your baby experiencing early morning waking?

Night time and early morning waking may be due to your baby being cold, all other factors considering. If you think about it, night temperatures drop to its lowest point sometime around 3am – 4am.  As the night temperature drops so does our internal body temperature.  Babies can lose body heat up to four times faster than an adult.  So, it’s important to maintain your baby’s room temperature. 

The recommended room temperature for a baby’s room is between 68F and 72F.  Appropriate layering is also recommended underneath any Winter TOG rated sleeping bag. 

Read our blog to find outHow to keep your baby sleeping just right during the cold chilly winter

The Hands In & Out is available in 2 sizes:

NOTE: the below measurements does not include baby's head.

Medium (6-12 months) - suitable for babies aged from 6 months onwards, weighing 8 - 10 kg. The length of the sleep suit is approx. 75cm.

Large (12+ months) - suitable for babies 12 months and beyond, weighing over 10 kg. The length of the sleep suit is approx. 86cm and is for babies that are ready to move on to having their hands outside of the sleep suit.

Certified GOTS Organic


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