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Sleepy Toddler Onesie Suit - Some Bunny Loves You (All Year Round)

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The Sleepy Toddler Suit is the perfect sleep onesie designed for active toddlers that require more freedom of movement, and have outgrown a sleeping bag but not yet ready to sleep under blankets.

The Sleepy Toddler Suit offers the familiar security of a blanket while sleeping, giving full freedom to move around safely in their bed and allows access to their feet outside of the sleep suit for safe movement when standing or walking.

The Sleepy Toddler Suit is designed to help every excitable toddler (and their parents!) enjoy a calm, deep sleep at night.  

How it helps:

💤  Allows active toddlers to sleep in their natural sleeping position.

💤  Keeps hands warm and secure while sleeping.

💤  Safe for toddlers on the go.

💤  Safe and easy transitioning into a big bed.

💤  Easy access for diaper changes and potty training.


Clever features: 

✓ Fold-over wrist cuffs to keep hands warm and secure inside the suit, helps prevent scratching, great for eczema or fold out to allow hands to come out and play.

✓ Fold-over foot covers to keep feet warm inside the suit and fold-out to allow little feet to come out.

✓ Anti-slip rubber dots on the bottom of foot covers to prevent slipping when your little one is on the go.

✓ Full front opening zipper along the legs for easy access to diaper changing and potty training.

✓ A loose and comfortable fit for unrestricted movement.

✓ Two way zipper with top zipper cover to protect delicate skin.

✓ Natural, breathable Organic Cotton


The Sleepy Toddler suit is available in a range of modern colors and prints in one simple size that fits from 1 year to 2 years and up.