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January 24, 2023 2 min read

by: Jilly Blankeship IBCLC, RN @babysleepmadesimple

Want to know the best way to save your sanity? (or what's left of it)

Keep your baby in the crib for AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! 

Jilly shares the pros and cons for transitioning to a toddler bed vs keeping them in the crib longer:

Here are the DON'TS of transitioning to a toddler bed:

🚫 DON'T get your toddler a big kid bed for their 2nd birthday because you think it's "cute" (because them climbing into your bed or roaming the halls at 3am every with is certainly NOT cute...)

🚫 DON'T switch to a toddler bed because you're starting potty training. When you begin potty training it's perfectly fine to keep your toddler in a diaper at night. I did this until my daughter was close to four years old. It kept her sleeping through the night and didn't affect using the potty during the day.

Dianer at night and potty during the day!

🚫 DON'T move your toddler into a big kid bed so their baby sibling can get the crib. Plan for your newborn to sleep in a bassinet for the first 4 months and/or buy an affordable crib for the new baby (or ask someone for a recently bought hand-me-down, or go on FB Marketplace - so many options!)

With a new baby on the way you want to keep your toddler peacefully sleeping through the night. No major changes to their sleep routine or sleep space.

Here are the DO'S for transitioning to a toddler bed:

👉 DO transition to a big kid bed when you begin nighttime potty training (this can be 3-4 years old for some little ones).

👉 Your child verbalizes that they want a toddler bed and is at least three years old.

👉 There are repeated episodes of climbing out of the crib (this becomes a safety risk).

There's nothing wrong with a 3 or 4 year old continuing to sleep in a crib if everyone is happy right? My daughter gave up the crib at 3.5 years with minimal issues and ZERO wandering out of bed at night.

Save your sanity and keep your little ones contained for as long as possible.

OUR TIP: As your little toddler grows, they will start to become more active as they start to explore their little world. It might be time to transition them from a baby sleep sack to toddler sleep wear. OurSleepy Toddler onesie sleep suit is the perfect onesie pyjama designed to keep your little ones warm and sleeping safely - features our unique signature zipper design and two-way opening zipper on the front legs for easy diaper changes or trips to the potty.

For more information about how to get your toddler sleeping amazingly, see head over to Jilly's website: Big Kid Sleep Made Simple Program