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March 07, 2023 2 min read

Our favourite day of the year is happening this week!  World Sleep Day  is on this Friday, 17th March. 

The theme for this World Sleep Day is Sleep is Essential for HealthJust like eating well and exercising, sleep is a behavior that is foundational to one’s physical, mental, and social well-being. 

When we think about making changes to improve our health and wellbeing, we usually think about the food we eat, the exercise we do and the way we spend our time, and sure, these things have a big impact on our everyday health and wellbeing.  But we often don't think about our sleep health and how we can make improvements to help us get a better night’s rest, which in turn can improve our overall health.

When we sleep, our bodies go into rest and repair mode, rebuilding the wear and tear we’ve inflicted on our bodies during the previous day as we went around our daily tasks.  This is nothing to be alarmed about, it’s simply what our amazing bodies do! Without good, healthy, deep sleep each night, our bodies are unable to effectively rest and repair and we go into the next day in a state of sub-optimal health.  Without healthy, restful sleep over days, weeks and months, you can imagine the toll this takes on our bodies.  

As parents, we need to be functioning at our best to care for our children in the best way possible and likewise, our children need good sleep habits so that they can grow and develop, exploring the world around them and enjoying good, wholesome play!

So with a better night’s sleep we make better decisions and can interact with our world in a more positive way, allowing us to have a positive, mindful impact on our planet’s future.  

This Friday will be especially important for Baby Loves Sleep as our founder, Malou, has been appointed as a delegate for World Sleep Day by the World Sleep Society!  After many years of helping parents around the world, and their babies, to get a good night’s rest, this is wonderful recognition of her passion for ensuring families are able to get the rest they need each night.